Will the photographer stage my property?

Will the photographer stage my property?

Owing to liability and risk of injury, our photographers are limited only to light staging (e.g. fluffing pillows, moving blankets, closing toilet seats, turning off TVs, and straightening dining room chairs). Clients should be sure to clean, prepare, and stage the property to their liking before the shoot, and are encouraged to please view our pre-shoot checklist with further details on how to achieve best results.
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    • Can we move things from one room to another?

      Generally, clients should prepare the property beforehand to minimize moving, as this is especially problematic if multiple services are offered during a single visit as that can necessitate back-and-forth moving that will slow down the visit.
    • Do I need to be there?

      Matthew has his New Jersey Real estate License and has been an agent for 4 Years, as long as you are comfortable with not being present he will be able to gain accesses to the property without being accompanied by another agent.
    • How far do you travel?

      We cover Ocean/Monmouth county without a travel fee, if the shoot is farther than Ocean/Monmouth county it will be an extra $25.